Art by Shaela Kinting

Art by Shaela Kinting

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"Tree of Dreams" - A Solar Concert for a Sustainable Future

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Halifax Central Library (Paul O'Regan Hall), 5440 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS

Presented by Tomi Allen (musician, engineer, solar/sustainable energy researcher) this event will showcase music, energy technology and dreams for a sustainable future. Featured artists include Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers (Mi’kmaw artist), Asif Illyas (ECMA winner / film composer), Jah’mila (Jamaican reggae artist), and the Tomi Allen Band (70s vibe global grooves). Featured energy experts include Dr. Alain Joseph (NSCC Applied Research), Dr. Wayne Groszko (Ecology Action Centre / Solar NS), Adam Hayter (Halifax Municipality), Rochelle Owen (Dalhousie Office of Sustainability), Dr. Peter Allen (Dalhousie / Thermo Dynamics), Dr. Jeff Dahn (Dalhousie / Tesla).

Tomi Allen Band: Mike Carroll (drums), Vince Pettipas (bass), Kristine Kovacevic (vocals), Inti Gonzalez (percussion), Matt Myer (keyboards), Tomi Allen (vocals, guitars) with special guest Jah'Mila on vocals.

Alan Syliboy & The Thundermakers: Hubert Francis (vocals, guitar), Lukas Pearse (bass), Evan Syliboy (guitar), Joanne Hatfield (vocals, percussion) & more.

Help sow the seeds for more sustainable dreams. Share widely.

NSCC EnergyDATA Workshop (private event)

Halifax Central Library, Halifax, NS

Hosted by NSCC Applied Energy Research.

This is a one-day technical workshop that brings industry together to learn more about data and energy.

Our second workshop will look at how data drives energy technology, services and programs in Atlantic Canada. Join us to hear from leaders in different fields discuss a variety of data and energy related topics. We'll be defining smart data in different contexts and discussing the benefits of increasing access to data.

The workshop is a platform for local companies, government and academia to come together and look at what we're doing with data and how we can do it better. Our region has had some impressive achievements in various energy related projects in the past year and we'd like to highlight some of these accomplishments by sharing data success stories at the event.

This is a free, invite only workshop.

"Tree of Dreams" - Facebook Event Page

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Includes the singles "Tangled Web" and "Shine On Me"

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Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd and Buddy Guy

Written in Indonesia, recorded in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"I wrote this after I left home to travel and find a deeper meaning in life. I had been working as an engineer, I quit my job, my father strongly disapproved, most of my friends were scratching their heads, but I had to do it. I knew there was more to life and I was determined to learn and experience it. So I set off with my guitar and backpack, a book called The World's Religions, and ideas of love and enlightenment. I ended up drifting and wandering for about two years and had my eyes and heart ripped open in multiple ways. So much beauty, but also darkness. This songs marks the beginning of that journey."

Available online (vinyl, CD, download) and at Obsolete Records, Taz Records, & Black Buffalo Records

Mike Carroll (drums), Vince Pettipas (bass), Kristine Kovacevic (vocals), Kendra Breen (vocals), Inti Gonzalez (percussion), Matt Myer (keyboards), Tomi Allen (vocals, guitars)

Mike Carroll (drums), Vince Pettipas (bass), Kristine Kovacevic (vocals), Kendra Breen (vocals), Inti Gonzalez (percussion), Matt Myer (keyboards), Tomi Allen (vocals, guitars)

"The list of Allen's influences is long and eclectic: flamenco, funk, R&B, classic rock, reggae, '70s-era Santana, Hendrix, Clapton, Ben Harper, Bob Marley, and Buddy Guy. Put all of those in one place and you'll never know what you'll get-just how he likes it."
- Halifax Jazz Festival

"You can hear the sounds intermingling like the ingredients in a blender cocktail, and Allen generally favours the combination of a cool groove and a sweet melody as smooth as a cold pina colada." 
- Stephen Cooke (Local Xpress / Chronicle Herald)

"Stan Getz meets Pink Floyd, or Jefferson Airplane and Jack Johnson. It draws inspiration from a lot of sources, but carries a distinctly retro Caribbean feel." The East (read the review)

CTV News - Interview with Heidi Petracek 
(watch the video)

Debut album: 
Abstract Echoes of the Mind & Soul   

A Hi-Fi sonic journey through dreams and darkness

Take the trip:
12" Vinyl Record / CDDownload / Stream
Composed across 4 continents while travelling through 30 countries, Tomi Allen’s debut album has something for everyone - beach vibes, psychedelic soundscapes, screaming guitar solos, and warm, playful harmonies.

The easy grooving opener ‘Shine On Me’ warms the air with a tropical pulse, then clouds roll in as ‘On The Shelf’ takes over and the boat starts to rock. In its wake the powerful but conflicted lullaby ‘Tangled Web’ emerges plucking heartstrings, and cries for rest. But Allen doesn’t dwell in darkness. He lifts listeners back up with ‘A Ridiculous Dreamer’, a bumpin’ party track with funky hooks and wah-wah guitar work. Continuing the journey, Dinuk Wijeratne (2016 JUNO winner) takes an unexpected detour on ‘Tree of Dreams’ where dreams and reality clash. To close, Allen lets you know he has arrived and will be going again with ‘Beyond The Horizon’ a philosophical roots reggae jam with pensive lyrics, unhinged guitar, and a wanderer’s lust for more. 

Featuring ten original songs and a Brazilian twist to a Beatles classic, Tomi Allen brings his dreams and adventures to life with musicians Dave Mendel (NYC), Vince Pettipas, Adam Hewey (Roxy & The Underground Soul Sound), and backing vocalists Samm Splash (Erin Costelo) and Leanne Hoffman (Cyndi Cain). Mixed and mastered by Harry Manx's go-to engineer Wynn Gogol with pre-production guidance from Dutch Robinson.     

​All music and video produced by Tomi Allen
with the generous support of family, friends and fans

Available online and at Obsolete Records, Taz Records, & Black Buffalo Records

Tomiallen albumart back
The musicians who brought the album to life

The musicians who brought the album to life

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Abstract Echoes of the Mind and Soul

Tomi Allen

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"Stan Getz meets Pink Floyd, or Jefferson Airplane and Jack Johnson. It draws inspiration from a lot of sources, but carries a distinctly retro Caribbean feel." - The East.

Available on Vinyl, CD, MP3 at, Obsolete Records, Taz Records, Black Buffalo Records, and in person.

All prices support the creation of more music. You will receive immediate download of the full album upon purchase and get a backstage pass for access to exclusive content and bonus material.

  1. 1 Shine On Me 04:27 Info
  2. 2 On The Shelf 07:05 Info
  3. 3 Tangled Web 05:16 Info
  4. 4 A Ridiculous Dreamer 05:56 Info
  5. 5 Fuel My Fire 03:54 Info
  6. 6 This Time 03:19 Info
  7. 7 Eye of a Storm 03:56 Info
  8. 8 Tree of Dreams 04:49 Info
  9. 9 With Some Help From My Friends 04:05 Info
  10. 10 Livin' and Lovin' 04:02 Info
  11. 11 Beyond The Horizon 05:30 Info
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Wishing You a Peace Full Holiday

Dear music lover, 

As the holiday season envelopes us I wish you the peace and love you seek and deserve. 

We work hard all year long, get caught up in the grind, the ups and downs of life, and keep spinning round and round, but it is important we take time to step back and reflect on all that has happened. You have achieved much this year. Take a moment to breathe that in. It has been an especially challenging year but you've persevered and positioned yourself for more success in the new year. There is…

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Full Circle Karma

I've been struggling for much of 2017 with some of the yin-yang realities of life, namely the more you give the more people take. Seems like a natural cause and effect but I've been going wrong in expecting the energy to come back. I've been fearful that I might not get enough back to keep going and giving and doing what I love. Slowly I've been realizing that karma is indeed at work but I am foolish for expecting it to come back the way I want it. Seems like an obvious flaw in my thinking but I'm sure we…

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Tomiallen headshot

Small Fish in the Music Biz

I put my heart and soul into my music and I've been fortunate to play, work with and learn from many world class musicians whose talents and work I admire. Still I am a small fish in a huge sea and like most musicians I struggle with the business side of things. I love music - it's my saving grace, my mirror that helps me grow, my escape from (and connection to) reality, and so naturally I'm content to do all I can to keep it alive. But it is difficult to justify the time and money required to keep making…

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Bringing It Back to the Love

I've always held in my heart the idea that I've got some sort of talent in music, some sort of gift worthy of sharing. The idealist in me believes that somehow, all I've experienced in my travels and time so far on this planet (and I've covered a lot of ground), that somehow I could use all that I've learned to help the world. Yes, the idealist in me believes that my music has the power to shape, shift and change mindsets and bring people together. Just as I've transformed intense energies from heartbreak…

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The Island of Our Collective Dreams

"Soul searching, ego dropping, why do I do what I do?". I posted and deleted this the other day for fear of sounding insecure. But the fact is I am insecure sometimes. Who isn't? I stand before a vast open sea and I'm not really sure where to go or what to do next.

Theoretically I know, I've been learning about the music business for years, but it's a whole other game to take those first steps into the fog. Now that the album is done, I've raised enough to manufacture CDs and some marketing materials, but I…Read more

Humble and Fierce - Life as an Independent Musician

Life as an independent musician can be challenging to the say the least. It can be super rewarding - you can be the life of a party and raise spirits to the roof, or you can be left alone and broke struggling to pay your bills. It's a life of extremes and requires a delicate balance. You've got to give your heart and soul, be vulnerable and relatable, you've also got to be strong, courageous and confident. Those combinations are not for the faint of heart, but you must still allow your heart to be faint and…Read more
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December 22, 2015 - My first music video

Last week I posted my first ever music video and I've been very encouraged by the response. I was actually going to cut the song from the album as I felt most insecure about it. It was the only song where I played all the instruments and it disclosed a vulnerable side I still struggle with. But when I asked for feedback on the album, surprisingly many people gravitated to this song so I figured it would be foolish to cut. In fact, I ended up making it a single based on the feedback I got from everyone. And…Read more

December 9, 2015 - Launch!

Very excited to be finally launching my new website with online store, and share all the stuff I've been working on in secret the last little while. It's 4am, it's really time to go to bed, but it's all ready! So nice to be empowered with my own store so I can share and sell all my hard work directly with you cats. I'll still put the album up on iTunes and all those other distributors later, but this will be the one-stop shop for anything relating to my music. One step forward for indie musicians...

PS -…Read more
September 1, 2015
The album is done! Woohoo!!! Just working on details now regarding the release and a crowd funding campaign so I can make actual CDs and records. The mixing and mastering process cleaned me out but it was worth it. Sounds great! Big thanks to Wynn Gogol at 1 Ton Studios for his fine work. Have a listen below and if you like what you hear please help me share the music and check back soon so you can get your own copy and more. I'll be offering cool options like downloads, vinyl, CDs, T-shirts, bonus tracks, videos, signed copies, collectors items, locks of hair, and more. With your help I hope to keep making more music to share with you and everyone else, so if you like what you hear please help spread the word and share, share, share! And if you got a sec, please 'like' my Facebook page. Every like helps - it's even used in factoring grant applications these days. Thanks!

April 23, 2015
Very excited to be organizing a really cool live music/art series for youth mental health (The Spot) called "Shine On Sundays" for every Sunday in May at Just Us! cafe in Halifax. So many great artists and the youth are coming together for it, plus me and my band mates. Pumped! More details coming next week.  
Tomiallen headshotwaterfire 2

About Tomi Allen

Tomi Allen’s music is a melting pot of genres blending into what could be best described as pop/rock/world with a '70s vibe. Drawing on a wide variety of influences including classic rock, reggae, blues, latin, funk, flamenco, jazz, african and old school R&B. One song might get you grooving to a roots reggae beat with bluesy jazz infusions, the next might take you on a soulful exploration of Brazilian music or back in time on a psychedelic funk/rock trip. How to classify the overall sound is anyone’s guess but one thing is certain - Tomi’s mix-mash of musical styles is refreshingly unique. 

Growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Tomi began studying piano at an early age but it wasn’t until the age of fifteen that he really discovered his love for music through the guitar. He dug into classic rock and blues and followed rock and roll’s history back through time to the blues emulating as best he could the likes of Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Buddy Guy. After years of obsessing over the blues he met some funk/jazz musicians in need of a keyboardist for a reggae band and it proved to be a turning point. He was inspired to broaden his horizons and began exploring the world of reggae, funk and jazz through notable influences such as Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Ernest Ranglin, James Brown and Galactic. The next marked influences came during Tomi's sun-seeking, Canadian-winter-dodging adventures where the acoustic music of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Coldplay seemed a perfect complement to the backpacking, boats and beaches. His travels later took him to Spain and revealed flamenco guitar techniques he had heard on Gipsy Kings records during childhood but hadn’t quite been able to figure out by ear. The fire and flash of the complex style captivated his focus and humbled him once again. He went back into study mode and began piecing together the rhythms, scales, and intricate right-hand techniques that compose the fiery form. When it was time to travel again, South America was on the map and there he was introduced to a funky, jazzy, easy-grooving variety of Brazilian music - Bossa Nova and Samba. And being the sucker that he is for infectious rhythms and grooves - you guessed it - he began studying that music as well.  

All the while blues, classic rock, reggae, flamenco and other bum-shaking ear candy like soul, funk, old school R&B, African and Cuban music continued to circulate on his playlists.  

With such a broad backdrop of influences it is no wonder that Tomi’s music is different. Any given song could feature flamenco and latin fingerstyle guitar blended with bluesy, classic rock, reggae riffs; screaming psychedelic guitar solos, or simple but tasty leads. Such an unusual combination of influences has resulted in songwriting and guitar work that has a unique and percussive twist that is sure to get even more interesting as Tomi continues to seek more music beyond the horizon.

Free music download!

Includes the singles "Tangled Web" and "A Ridiculous Dreamer".

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The Tomi Allen Band: 
Mike Carroll - drums  
Vince Pettipas - bass  
Kristine Kovacevic - backing vocals
Kendra Breen - backing vocals, violin
Inti Gonzalez - percussion  
Matt Myer - keyboards, trumpet     
Tomi Allen - vocals, guitars

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Not sure if you want to buy the whole album? Want to support but don't have much money? Here's a little sample to wet your whistle. If you like it, the rest of the album will be here waiting for you should you decide to experience the full journey. Includes immediate download of the first four songs on the album and $5 discount towards the full album.

Abstract Echoes of the Mind and Soul: MP3 Download

Abstract Echoes of the Mind and Soul: MP3 Download

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My debut album in mp3 format (192 kbps). A musical journey from around the world, meticulously crafted over ten years. Put on your headphones, crank up the speakers, and take the trip.

Hi-Fi Album Download - Abstract Echoes of the Mind and Soul (WAV, 24-bit)

Hi-Fi Album Download - Abstract Echoes of the Mind and Soul (WAV, 24-bit)

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Enjoy the sonic tapestry in high definition the same way it was heard during the mixing and mastering process. MP3s are great, but high fidelity audio is much warmer and contains more than 10x the information compared to mp3s. You can feel the difference - it's warmer, richer, fuller, and more alive.

You will receive the full album in high fidelity (24-bit, 44.1 kHz wav format) upon purchase and backstage pass for access to exclusive content and bonus material.

Abstract Echoes of the Mind and Soul: SIGNED POSTCARD MAGNET

Abstract Echoes of the Mind and Soul: SIGNED POSTCARD MAGNET

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Get a digital download of the album and a personalized postcard with the album art and a magnet on it! If a CD or vinyl record doesn't make sense but you still want something in your hand to stick on the fridge, keep as memento, or as a token of my appreciation for helping support the dream, this is for you! Includes digital download, backstage pass and shipping.

Abstract Echoes of the Mind and Soul: CD

Abstract Echoes of the Mind and Soul: CD

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My debut album on compact disc. Includes digital download and backstage pass.

Abstract Echoes of the Mind and Soul: 12" VINYL RECORD

Abstract Echoes of the Mind and Soul: 12" VINYL RECORD

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My debut album on 12" vinyl record. Includes digital download and backstage pass.

T-shirt (includes digital download & backstage pass)
  • T-shirt (includes digital download & backstage pass)

T-shirt (includes digital download & backstage pass)


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100% cotton T-shirt with artwork by legendary Canadian graffiti artists Fatso and Tobin (aka. Cop1). The front features artwork for the single "A Ridiculous Dreamer". The back features an old school style black and white mural by Fatso "Abstract Echoes of the Mind & Soul".

Signed Gig Poster
  • Signed Gig Poster Signed Gig Poster Signed Gig Poster

Signed Gig Poster

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Get a signed poster from a recent gig. Includes digital download, backstage pass and shipping.

1 hour music lesson (in-person or online)

1 hour music lesson (in-person or online)

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Learn guitar, piano, percussion, drums, bass, or about music production and recording. We can meet in my home studio for a private lesson or online via Skype or FaceTime. Discounts available for multiple lessons. Includes digital download and backstage pass.

Abstract Echoes of the Mind & Soul   


All songs produced, engineered and composed by Tomi Allen except With Some Help From My Friends   
by John Lennon & Paul McCartney, arranged by Tomi Allen   
Recorded at Seaforth Studios, Halifax, NS, Canada   
Additional tracking at 1 Ton Studios, Victoria, BC, Canada   

Mixed & mastered by Wynn Gogol at 1 Ton Studios, Victoria, BC, Canada   

Tomi Allen - vocals, guitars, keyboards, organ, percussion, bass*, drums*   
Vince Pettipas - bass*   
David Mendel - drums*   
Adam Hewey - guitar**   
Samm Splash - backing vocals   
Leanne Hoffman - backing vocals   
Dinuk Wijeratne - synthesizer, piano on “Tree of Dreams”   

*Tomi plays drums and bass on “Tangled Web”   
**Adam plays electric guitar on “On The Shelf”,“Fuel My Fire” and “Livin' & Lovin'”   

Cover photo by Borbala Podor   
“Abstract Echoes of the Mind & Soul” cover art by Fatso   
Additional photos, artwork and layout by Tomi Allen   

This album was a labour of love, independently produced and funded through hard work, patience and perseverance. It is the culmination of a lifetime of music, travelling, dreaming, and learning. Many many thanks to all who took the time to offer feedback and encouragement along the way. This album would not exist or be the same without you. Special thanks to Borcsi and Dutch Robinson.   

Dream on. Always.

Available on:
CD / 12" Vinyl RecordDownload (MP3, WAV) / Streaming

All music and video produced by Tomi Allen 
with the generous support of family and friends