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Abstract Echoes of the Mind & Soul   

A Hi-Fi sonic journey through dreams and darkness

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Composed across four continents while travelling through thirty countries, Tomi Allen’s debut album has something for everyone - beach vibes, psychedelic soundscapes, screaming guitar solos, and warm, playful harmonies.

The easy grooving opener ‘Shine On Me’ warms the air with a tropical pulse, then clouds roll in as ‘On The Shelf’ takes over and the boat starts to rock. In its wake the powerful but conflicted lullaby ‘Tangled Web’ emerges plucking heartstrings and cries for rest. But Allen doesn’t dwell in darkness. He lifts listeners back up with ‘A Ridiculous Dreamer’, a bumpin' party track with funky hooks and wah-wah guitar work. Continuing the journey, Dinuk Wijeratne (2016 JUNO winner) takes an unexpected detour on ‘Tree of Dreams’ where dreams and reality clash. To close, Allen lets you know he has arrived and will be going again with ‘Beyond The Horizon’ a philosophical roots reggae jam with pensive lyrics, unhinged guitar, and a wanderer’s lust for more. 

Featuring ten original songs and a Brazilian twist to a Beatles classic, Tomi Allen brings his dreams and adventures to life with musicians Vince Pettipas, Dave Mendel, Adam Hewey, and backing vocalists Samm Splash and Leanne Hoffman. Mixed and mastered by Harry Manx's go-to engineer Wynn Gogol with pre-production guidance from Dutch Robinson.  



"The list of Allen's influences is long and eclectic: flamenco, funk, R&B, classic rock, reggae, '70s-era Santana, Hendrix, Clapton, Ben Harper, Bob Marley, and Buddy Guy. Put all of those in one place and you'll never know what you'll get-just how he likes it."
- Halifax Jazz Festival

"You can hear the sounds intermingling like the ingredients in a blender cocktail, and Allen generally favours the combination of a cool groove and a sweet melody as smooth as a cold pina colada." 
- Stephen Cooke (LocalXpress / Chronicle Herald)

"Stan Getz meets Pink Floyd, or Jefferson Airplane and Jack Johnson. It draws inspiration from a lot of sources, but carries a distinctly retro Caribbean feel." The East (review)

CTV News - Interview with Heidi Petracek (video)


​All music and video produced by Tomi Allen
with the generous support of family, friends and fans


Available online and at Obsolete Records & Taz Records.

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Written in Indonesia, recorded in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"I wrote this after I left home to travel and find a deeper meaning in life. I had been working as an engineer, I quit my job, my father strongly disapproved, most of my friends were scratching their heads, but I had to do it. I knew there was more to life and I was determined to learn and experience it. So I set off with my guitar and backpack, a book called The World's Religions, and ideas of love and enlightenment. I ended up drifting and wandering for about two years and had my eyes and heart ripped open in multiple ways. So much beauty, but also darkness. This songs marks the beginning of that journey."

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